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Guntram Koslik, joiner master and piece of furniture designer, works in the large field of the piece of furniture and object organization. In 1996 he developed a new concept.


Behind that conceals itself furniture and inside equipment that are developed from the ideas and wishes of the customers.

Three fields rest with KONZEPT KOSLIK in one hand: Reliable deliberation, convincing design and best workmanship.

The tasks jobs touch themselves in the product environment from living, food, sleeping, leisure time and let in this case for individual single problems enough time to the solution.
So every customer gets exactly that what corresponds to his ideas of type of wood and optics and fits last but not least exactly into the mass of the apartment or the own height.

The furniture is perfect, incorporated in a non-polluting way and consistently. Handicraft quality, exact function and long service life are guaranteed.

We answer concrete wishes and inquiries with pleasure.