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Día show avec piano
7000 km en bicicleta como peregrino en el Camino de Santiago

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You search for new furniture and do not find what you want?
You already visited many furnishings houses, and never something was for you in this case?

Or you need a piece of furniture that must fit exactly into a niche of the apartment or is supposed to place in the existing furnishings harmoniously? Or something very Special, for the risky contrast?

However, somehow something was up to now always wrong: disliked type of wood, unfitting mass, wrong design, bad workmanship?

Perhaps you did not search only at the correct place.

KONZEPT KOSLIK has exactly what you want.
Because every piece is projected only for you and built. After your wishes and ideas. In best quality.

And if you know only very exactly up to now what you do not want, that is not also a problem. Together we develop solutions for furniture and objects, those ones are liked.

With KONZEPT KOSLIK your claims are welcome.