General business conditions

§ 1 General
(1) co-operation and mutual confidence are The basis of the business detail. Nevertheless the performed business conditions are not to be bypassed.
(2) the following sale and supplying-conditions are valid for all deliveries and other services exclusively.
(3) Deviating conditions of the customer attain only validity if Konzept Koslik agrees with that in writing.

§ 2 Offers, range of services and contract conclusion
(1) The contract offers are yielded through Konzept Koslik as an entire offer. Konzept Koslik is bound at his contract offer for 6 weeks.
(2) For the extent of the by contract owed service the hard-copy offer and the hard-copy confirmation of order are exclusively decisive.
(3) Konzept Koslik reserves changes of the construction, the material choice, the specification and the model also to entrance of the offer confirmation provided that these changes of neither the offer confirmation nor the specification of the customer contradict.
(4) The documents, underlying to the offer or the offer confirmation, are to be understood as a rule only as approximation values provided that they are not designated as obligatory explicitly or agreed upon in writing.

§ 3 Prices and terms of payment
(1) With confirmation of order, to become at the latest before job start 2/3 of the probable task sum as an advance payment due, the last third is to be paid at the latest 10 days after decrease of the delivery or provision of the service.
(2) Requests for modification of the order are to be considered at job execution, so the increase and addition costs arising from that into account are set up.
(3) In case of transgression of the term of payment interests are demanded from 5 % under reservation of the assertion of extensive claims in height about the in each case valid basis interest rate.
(4) Set-off and reserve are impossible, it is then, that the set-off demand is undisputed or found right-strongly.

§ 4 Danger crossing
The danger passes on the customer, as soon as the product the customer delivered and / or mounted is and this the customer is announced.

§ 5 Reserved ownership
Konzept Koslik keeps itself the estate at the supplied products, also for the case of the wide sale and / or workmanship through the customer, up to the complete payment in front of.

§ 6 guarantee
Claims to repair at a later stage of the customer will fulfil Konzept Koslik either through repair at a later stage or substitute delivery; a previous substitute use through the customer is excluded.

§ 7 liability
Claims for compensation of customers are limited to cases of intention or coarse negligence.